Abbott Northwestern/PEI All-RN Meetings June 3

26 May

4 Responses to “Abbott Northwestern/PEI All-RN Meetings June 3”

  1. Linda May 27, 2010 at 1:34 pm #

    Since I work at Abbott Northwestern, I can only speak about ANW RN’s and I will say they are a fabulous group of patient care providers. They have spoken out in the past about ANW being a great place to work, leadership really caring about employees, patients and families, being forward thinking with new technology and promoting education and resources for staff to gain more skills and confidence in their jobs. RN’s, like all other staff, have worked hard to reduce expenses so this great place can remain financially strong in this down economy / recession. For those reasons as well as knowing so many ANW nurses personally, I am having such a hard time getting my arms around these negotiations that have created such hateful and disrespectful comments about the very place you have been so proud to be a part of. Every day I say, what has happened? If you don’t feel you are represented accurately by your union SPEAK UP. If you do feel the way the union is representing the hospital and its’ leaders as distrustful and non caring – why would you even want to work here? I want to be a part of rebuilding relationships that have been damaged and to be able to get back as quickly as possible to the healing environment / respectful workplace that ANW is known for. It seems that there are only a few who are bashing leadership in writing so don’t know if that is truly representing how the rest of the RN’s feel. I hope not. We are so fortunate to have the leadership we have. Ken Paulus made a tremendous sacrifice for Allina. Don’t know if any of us would be willing to give up our salaries to help every other non contract employee maintain hours. Our leadership truly care for this place and ALL of the employees and are dedicated to provide excellent care to patients and families. Our Nurse Managers work very hard and long hours to provide direction, support and care to staff and many times to patients/families to create this healing and respectful workplace. The Managers take call 24/7 (without call pay) so they are available for any questions / problems that come up when they are not physically present. By the way, most if not all have been front line patient care nurses and know and keep up with what is happening there. Nurses – as you go back to the table think about your core beliefs and values and how your decisions / demands will impact the future of ANW/ Allina and every employee who works here. I want this great hospital /organization to stay strong in the future for every one of us who work here and all the great people who will be working here in the years ahead. The way that can happen is for all of us to give a little (all non contract folks have already been doing that) and live out our values every day in everything we do: COMPASSION, RESPECT, INTEGRITY, STEWARDSHIP, TRUST.

  2. Kelly May 27, 2010 at 4:38 pm #

    Thank you Linda I 100% agree with you. I have worked at Abbott for 11 years, We just celebrated many nurses that worked here over 20 years. Something has kept them here. If they really felt the way some are claimly they do about this organization how could they stay so long. Abbott Leaders are approachable, and truly care about nursing and patient care. We all claim the same focus: patients.

    • Linda May 27, 2010 at 7:11 pm #

      How many other ANW RN’s feel this way? It takes a lot of courage to step out for what you believe. I really admire you and Meg for doing so. I love ANW and ALL the staff that work TOGETHER to make this the greatest place to work and greatest place for patients / families to receive care. ANW RN’s YOU lead the way in many initiatives, caring, improvements and creating respectful work place. Keep it up!!!

  3. Meg May 27, 2010 at 5:41 pm #

    Thank you Linda for your great comments! I agree with you 100%! Ken Paulus is giving up his salary so that the hospital can use that $$ toward keeping Allina patient care running smoothly without cutting non-nursing staff! We all need to focus and realize that this is affecting patients, their families, and non-nursing staff as well here.

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