June 24-25 TV Coverage

27 Jun

4 Responses to “June 24-25 TV Coverage”

  1. MELANIE June 27, 2010 at 7:55 pm #

    Go ahead and strike, i am out of work, bills are piling up, and i’d be happy to take your job for a while! Glad you all can afford to do this…is the issue really patient safety, or are you just lazy?

  2. Watching & Learning June 28, 2010 at 3:00 am #

    Then you will also be happy to be a contributing factor is reinstating the feudal system as it was enthroned in Europe prior to the forces of democracy taking over intelligent thought, those forces that too many sacrificed their lives to stomp out in WWI and WWII, not to mention that escaping the feudal-work-force-mentality that owned Europe during the days of kings and queens is likely a major reason why most of our ancestors risked ALL to travel to the NEW LAND, the USA during the turn of the last century, 1900 and before. SHAME ON YOU FOR FORGETTING – SHAME ON YOU FOR POSTING SUCH A NEGATIVE THOUGHT ONLY TO PLEASE YOUR PRESENT DAY FEUDAL LORD – the one who signs your paycheck and likely holds the keys to your perceived future.

    Pleasing-the-feudal- lords [in the present USA, owner(s) of corporations] is likely what is oppressing the TRUTH in the news media also. ALL publically broadcasted news must pass through the sieve of a feudal lord before it can be aired. All news is spun to support the self- interest, selfish intentions of a feudal lord. And those directly reporting the news fear for their jobs if and when they support the TRUTH. Money talks. Keeping ones family in safety, talks, whether the perception is reality or a false reality.

    Melanie, if you are who you say you are, you wouldn’t give-a-d____ about keeping up with this MNA blog – therefore, the only possibility left is that you are an opportunist, feverishly laboring to guarantee your position in the plans of your feudal lord. Your evil survival mechanism is ill-advised though – for Truth will not succumb to spun half truths and lies for if Truth doesn’t win, even if you keep your present job, or as you indicate, get a job, either you’ll be knocked down so many pegs you’ll have to lower your life style anyway or you’ll need to work three jobs, with a broken mind and body, to be where you want to be – be where you believe you should be. And then your broken mind and body won’t allow you to get there, anyway.

    I know a physician who has planted himself in the USA because the USA is the only country in the world where one can still make a fortune by practicing medicine. This physician, who is not the first born in his family and thus hasn’t a guaranteed inheritance from his wealthy parents, but still is in competition with his siblings on who can turn out the richest. He wants slave labor to increase his bottom line. In the corporate world, this physician is not alone.

    The USA, on the surface, may be labeled the Land of the Free, but it is rapidly turning into the land of the lords and the slaves, a rebirth of mid-evil Europe, a rebirth of those who believe “they are worthy” against those who know right from wrong but have little voice in decision making, the perceived “not worthy”. Those who believe “they are worthy” have no problem “chopping off the heads” of those they perceive as “not worthy”. Those who believe “they are worthy” spend voluptuous amounts of time and energy in an attempt to have those they believe are “not worthy” painted in a “not worthy” light. Your words, “or are you just lazy?” are such an attempt.

    Melanie, maybe you are presently “a lord”. If not and if MNA is defeated, in-the-end, your continued demise is also most assuredly guaranteed even after you land a job. For the return of the feudal system will encompass every corner of society, your’s included.

    Therefore, it is most appropriate that the largest nursing strike in history is encompassed by the 4th of July. Let all who live in this wonderful land rejoice in the voice of the “little guy” – saying, “We are not as little or unworthy as you want us to be.”

    “Worthy” or “not”, NO ONE escapes “the end”.

    Nurses, press on to protect the most vulnerable – the sick, hurting and dying. The only path to such an honorable goal is a mandated, sane patient/nurse ratio. And for those, who have volunteered to be the voice of the vulnerable, nurses, let them at least spend their vulnerable years as secure as possible by protecting the MNA pension plan.

    Press on!

  3. Brian June 28, 2010 at 3:24 am #

    I just got done with a 12.5 hour day in which I had fifteen minutes to eat and 2 to pee. Kept onE person from dying from respiratory failure and the other from falling and passing out cold due to low hemoglobin. I was told this was the best that could be done. I understand you may be frustrated Melanie; especially if you are unemployed. This is largely due to patient safety because the media does not share that as nurses, our companies want to take away the right to say no….this is unsafe. They want to say oh…can you start at 0900 no stay home until 1100…….wait come in for an hour at 2; pay for your daycare and stay on call because we may need you for two hours in 4. Oh we just called you 30 minutes before your shift we know your driving here but could you turn around and head towards a different hospital instead; one hour in the other direction!? That is why we are striking.

  4. Dusty S. June 29, 2010 at 2:09 am #

    I was talking today with some “old timers” who were there in ’84. Even though it was 26 years ago, they can still list each and every nurse who crossed. Even the ones who left the hospital and went to another, their reputation as a scab followed them. Not many were promoted, as it seems they were used and discarded by management, and considered untrustworthy. Management was wary of a nurse who would so easily betray her co-workers. Those who crossed expecting a pay back in gratitude, didn’t get it. Managers are not stupid. They know integrity isn’t selective. If you have it, you have it in every part of your life. They figured if a nurse crossed that line, what other ethical compromises for convenience will she make? Like snitches in grade school, or collaborators in war, no one can ever trust them, on either side. So if anyone is considering crossing the picket line to bank a few career brownie points, think again. (and please, no one, especially the managers are buying that you are crossing because of sanctimonious self righteous devotion to the patients. Maybe you can fool yourself, but no one else is buying it) Those are the facts, it’s not meant as a “threat”, it’s just what people who have been there are saying. It’s reality.

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