MNA’s Summary of the Final SMDC Proposal

10 Sep

SMDC Tentative Agreement September 8, 2010

Three Year Contract

  1. Staffing – Grid review with mediation and timelines for implementation
  2. Staffing – Temporary unit closure to admissions
  3. Letter of intent to improve staffing
  4. Kentucky River through the course of the contract
  5. Wages 0% 2010 , 1% 7/1/11, .8 % 1/1/12, 2% 7/1/12
  6. Call Back Pay- Section 4. When the on call nurse is completing an assignment that extends beyond her/his scheduled shift, such time shall be compensated as overtime. However, once such assignment exceeds 90 minutes he/she will be compensated she/he will be compensated a minimum of four hours call back.
  7. Shifts of less than 8 hours – refer to Tentative Agreement (pg 4)
  8. Increase in MTO from 16 hours to 32 hours only after staffing improves refer to Tentative Agreement (pg 6)
  9. NICU Flight requirement language –refer Tentative Agreement (pg 11)
  10.  Life Insurance improvements – refer to Tentative Agreement (pg 13)
  11. Preceptor Pay-pay retroactive and going forward for precepting temporary Encompass nurses
  12. Education improvements $500 increase from $3,000 to $3,500 per contract year for college education/re-certification and $200 increase from $500 to $700 per contract year for workshop

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