Message from MNA President Linda Hamilton

4 Nov
Hello Nurses and MNA Staff, 

I want to thank all who worked hours in support of our endorsed candidates.  We proudly stood beside honest, hardworking people who believe in the principles nurses value, such as safe staffing, heath care for all, retirement security and safe workplaces.

MNA President Linda Hamilton

Our work did make a difference.  Tim Walz, Keith Ellison, and Betty McCollum will continue to carry our message in Congress. On a state-wide basis, we elected Lori Swanson who will fight for our patients. We elected Mark Richie who will assure the recount for our next governor is done fairly and accurately. We elected Rebecca Otto who will assure our state’s finacial books are in order.  And we have good friends in both houses of the state legislature.

It also appears we have elected a friend in the governor’s office in Mark Dayton.  He will assure our poorest Minnesotans have access to Medical Assistance and the care they need. We also worked very closely with National Nurses United to significantly raise visibility around Tom Horner’s PR role in opposing MNA’s patient safety campaign.  We are fortunate to have the strong support of NNU as our national nurses union.

There were many other races where we made a difference. I thank you for the work you did on behalf of our union, our profession and our patients.

Please watch the video I have included below, from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. I agree with all he says and agree our next campaign is to educate our new public servants. We have many new representatives who need to hear our voice as we adovocate the patients and families who may not be able to speak for themselves. It is our duty to provide that voice. Let’s get started.

In solidarity,

Linda Hamilton RN


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