Press Release: Jennie Edmundson RNs vote to join MNA

17 Dec

Media Contact: Joni Ketter, MNA, (651-395-1401) or

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (December 17, 2010) – More than 200 nurses at Jennie Edmundson Memorial Hospital have voted overwhelmingly to join the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA).

“This is an important step our nurses wanted to take to ensure representation by a professional nursing association,” said Doris Ballantyne, a Registered Nurse at the hospital. “I think this week’s vote was a confirmation of what many of us already knew – that the nurses of Jennie Edmundson want the Minnesota Nurses Association to represent us in labor negotiations.”

Nurses approved the move by an 78 percent margin. Jennie Edmundson RNs were left looking for new representation this fall when the Iowa Nurses Association, which had traditionally represented the RNs during contract negotiations, said it was moving away from collective bargaining on behalf of its members.

“After the upcoming transition period, we are hoping Jennie Edmundson’s executives will come to the bargaining table ready to do what we’ve done for the past 44 years,” said Laura Fox, an RN at the hospital. “That means agreeing upon a strong union contract and continuing a relationship with management that allows nurses to step up and advocate for the best possible patient care for our community.”

Jennie Edmundson nurses are the third group of Iowa RNs to formally choose representation by the MNA. On November 16, 2010, 123 nurses at Marshalltown Medical & Surgery Center in Marshalltown, Iowa, voted by an 82 percent margin to join the Minnesota Nurses Association. In addition, nurses at Spencer Municipal Hospital in Spencer, Iowa, have been represented by the MNA for more than a decade.

Founded in 1905, the Minnesota Nurses Association has more than 20,000 members.  It is also affiliated with National Nurses United  (NNU), which represents more than 160,000 RNs across the United States.

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