Nurses Commend Governor Dayton’s Vision for the State

9 Feb

Nurses Committed to Governor Dayton’s Vision for the State
Minnesota Nurses Association members are buoyed by Governor Dayton’s State of the State message today. “His message of hope and shared sacrifice by all Minnesotans will get the state working again, and ensure a better quality of life for the patients and families in our care,” said MNA President Linda Hamilton, RN.

Of special note to nurses was Governor Dayton’s pin-point analysis of the decline of our state in the last decade. “Under failed policies that allowed some of Minnesotan’s wealthiest citizens to shirk their responsibility to others, the health of our population has suffered,” said Hamilton. “We support Governor Dayton’s measured plan to balance the state budget fairly and responsibly,” she added.

Hamilton also applauded Governor Dayton for his bold call for a legislative pledge to prevent a government shutdown. “Lives depend on the services our state provides,” added Hamilton.

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