Hibbing Nurses Overwhelmingly Support Bargaining Committee

21 Feb

In a tremendous show of support for moving forward with patient protection and nurse safety, the Registered Nurses at Range Regional Health Services turned out in force and provided their bargaining committee with a nearly unanimous authorization to engage in concerted, collective action to protect their contract and to advocate for patients.  On February 17th, the Committee asked the nurses to provide authorization to move to the next level in the fight for a fair contract.  The nurses responded with a resounding, “YES”. 

In contract negotiations on February 18th, the MNA nurses made a settlement offer to management.  This offer protected current contract benefits, provided small wage gains in order to prevent the hospital from being competitively disadvantaged in recruitment and retention, and established meaningful staff nurse input into the delivery of nursing care and staffing levels.  Unfortunately, rather than attempting to resolve the contract issues, management left the bargaining session without responding to the union’s offer.  Management said that they would be e-mailing a response the following week.  The MNA committee continues to call upon management to move forward, rather than to ignore problems and to attempt to strip rights and protection from nurses and patients.

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