Upon Returning From Madison

27 Feb

Hi All,
I just got back from Madison a short time ago.

It was an absolutely incredible experience!  The energy, solidarity and commitment to stand for workers’ rights and the middle class as a whole is very inspiring!

I hear they are estimating over 100,000 were there today…..all friendly, respectful, diverse and fun!  And most importantly all commited to changing the course of where our collective bargaining rights and middle class have been heading.  And of course, they all love nurses.  Many of our brothers and sisters from the NNU were there but we can do better…especially from  here in bordering Minnesota.

I will be honest and say after a long week I was not completely looking forward to a round trip to Madison in one day…but it was one of the best days I have had.  I believe all of us who went would agree.

We even had a young gentleman, Jason, join us. Jason, is working with Ameri-Corps here in St.Paul and heard about the van at a party last night, rode his bike to MNA this AM to see if there was room to join us for the day and away we went.

We all have busy lives and many work commitments and sometimes it’s easy to ask how much more we can do. The chance to be part of what is happening in Madison is worth every extra effort you can make.  It might feel like a sacrifice at first but it won’t after you’ve been there.

Please encourage others to go as well…they will thank you for it.

Those of you who know me well know I’m not one to get on a rah rah rant so please know my push to get our members and all supporters to Madison is genuine and important.   We have two vans scheduled to leave from MNA next week – Wed. and Thurs.  Click here to sign up.


Deb Haugen,
Chair, MNA Economic and General Welfare Commission

View our Slide Show from Saturday

One Response to “Upon Returning From Madison”

  1. Safety Nurse February 28, 2011 at 5:33 am #

    I just wish we could all be as excited about engaging in safety and quality. If nurses could rally to join their hospital administration in creating a culture where everyone provides safe care, engages in process redesign and engages each other in accountability for following safety policies patients would benefit.

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