BREAKING: Interstate Nurse Licensure Compact Passes Key Committee; Call your Legislator now!

10 Mar

MNA's Linda Hamilton (left) and Cindy Schoenecker

Late yesterday, HF462 – the Interstate Nurse Licensure Compact bill – passed the House Health and Human Services Reform committee on a vote of 15-6.  Eight testifiers, mostly nurse managers, spoke at length in favor of the bill, and the two testifiers who were opposed – MNA President Linda Hamilton, RN, and MNA Practice Specialist Cindy Schoenecker, RN, were cut short.

HF462 Status in House for Legislative Session 87

Legislators accepted management’s argument that the Compact will make it faster and easier to hire nurses, but as Rep. Patti Fritz LPN retorted, nothing in the very serious practice of nursing should be made “fast and easy.” MNA’s assertion that the Compact will put patient safety at risk and will give away Minnesota’s ability to regulate nurses, were ignored by the majority, in favor of pleasing the nurse managers from mega-health systems like Sanford, Mayo and HealthPartners.

Rep. Tom Huntley of Duluth even went so far as to say that nurses in opposition were acting like the longshoremen who wanted to stay in the 1950s, and refused to adapt to change. Not only is that offensive, that assertion is the opposite of the way nurses practice today; with technological advances moving faster each day, nurses adapt to change every single day.

Rep. Kim Norton, sponsor of the bill, reported that most nurses who called her favored the bill.  Please prove her wrong!

Please call the representatives who voted for this bill and tell them why we oppose the Compact: because it puts CEOs and healthcare corporations’ needs ahead of patient safety and the nursing profession.

Steve Gottwalt, Chair (R-St. Cloud) – 651-296-6316 |

Tara Mack, Vice Chair (R-Apple Valley) – 651-296-5506 |

Tina Liebling, Lead DFL (DFL-Rochester) – 651-296-0573 |

Bob Barrett (R- Shafer) – 651-296-5377

Mike Benson (R-Rochester) – 651-296-4378

Mary Franson (R-Alexandria) – 651-296-3201 |

Glenn Gruenhagen (R-Glencoe) – 651-296-4229 |

Tom Huntley (DFL-Duluth) – 651-296-2228 |

Mary Kiffmeyer, RN (R-Big Lake) – 651-296-4237 |

Kathy Lohmer (R-Woodbury) – 651-296-4244 |

Joe McDonald (R-Delano) – 651-296-4336 |

Carolyn McElfatrick, RN (R-Deer River) – 651-296-2365 |

Rena Moran (DFL-St. Paul) – 651-296-5158 |

Kim Norton (DFL-Rochester) – 651-296-9249 |

Duane Quam (R-Byron) – 651-296-9236

Please call those who opposed the bill and THANK THEM!

Jim Abeler (R-Anoka) – 651-296-1729 |

Patti Fritz, LPN (DFL-Faribault) – 651-296-8237 |

Larry Hosch (DFL-St. Joseph) – 651-296-4373 |

Diane Loeffler (DFL-Minneapolis) – 651-296-4219 |

Erin Murphy, RN (DFL-St. Paul) – 651-296-8799 |

Sandra Peterson (DFL-New Hope) – 651-296-4176 |

To contact your own legislator, visit MNA’s Grassroots Action Center here – MNA Grassroots Action Center

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