Sanford Bemidji Bargaining Update

3 Jun

What is Sanford Bemidji’s Management reaction to nurses standing up for the best possible patient care?

Point One: Management is reacting in defensive and reactionary ways to nurses standing up for the best possible standards for nursing in Bemidji. Concerted union activity is clearly outlined in section 7 of the national Labor Relations Act and can be found at or

All actions that have happened and that will happen by us as MNA will be professional, respectful and well-protected in the realm of concerted direct action under section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act. What management cannot do is also described under section 8 of the National Labor Relations Act. Management has decided to react in a way that crosses the line and attempts to intimidate nurses.  Nurses at Sanford Bemidji have always acted within the law in the fight for workplace rights which is advocating for and protecting our patients.

Point Two: Read and see for yourself the proposals given by management and MNA at The record is clear: Nurses are standing up for safe patient care and Sanford is skewing the facts.

Management’s characterization of the first bargaining meeting since the merger was finalized began after a conversation was overheard in a public place in downtown Bemidji the night before bargaining. We were not addressing the issue publically because we addressed it with them on the first day of bargaining.  Since management has decided to reference it we will reveal the whole story to set the record straight.  More to come in a future blog post and memo.

Stay strong, stand united and come to bargaining June 9th and 10th at the Sanford Center!

Show up at 0845 at gate 4  1111 Event Ctr Dr NE, Bemidji to greet management! If you plan on staying, please RSVP to

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