Unsafe Staffing: Today’s Story

2 Aug

MNA Nurses fill out hundreds of Concern For Safe Staffing forms online each month. The story below is just one example of how unsafe staffing conditions inside Minnesota hospitals continue to have negative – and sometimes even deadly – consequences for patients and nurses. (Note: Due to HIPAA privacy laws for patients and concerns for potential workplace retaliation by employers against RNs, we do not identify the specific nurse and/or patient(s) involved in each story in this space.)

“By the end of the shift in an obstetrical unit we had 19 moms, 17 babies; 11 of which were caesarian section (surgical deliveries). We had 4 nurses on the floor; 1 in the nursery with babies. No one was available to cover the desk and answer patient lights. Nursery nurse was able to help out briefly during the shift, when there were no babies in nursery because they were in the rooms with the moms. Nurses all worked a 12 hr shift without any breaks.”


One Response to “Unsafe Staffing: Today’s Story”

  1. Diane Scott August 1, 2015 at 11:42 am #

    Our nurse manager could not get her work done so adminustration hired a second assistant manager (former staff nurse) – so now one less nurse to care for patients and one more manager to audit staff nurses and tell us what we are not doing.

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