Why you need to download the new MNA App for the iPhone/iPad right now!

10 Aug
The new MNA iPhone App is here!



If you don’t want to miss all the breaking news/video and other important tools we’ve bundled together and put in the palm of your hand, you better Download the new MNA App for iPhone/iPad right now! (Note: Droid version will be coming soon!)

So what will the App do? Here’s the App Store description: Get the latest news, videos and updates from the Minnesota Nurses Association, submit a concern for safe staffing form, look up and contact your local legislators, watch MNA events live – all from your iPhone! The Minnesota Nurses Association App gives you an all-access pass to everything MNA – right in the palm of your hand! Built-in sharing features and links make it easy to share important updates, videos and live events with your co-workers and friends online. Plus you now have the ability, in the heat of the moment, to quickly fill out and submit a concern for safe staffing form that goes directly to MNA. The same is true when you want to locate and contact the legislators and decision makers who have an impact on our practice and our profession. Founded in 1905, the Minnesota Nurses Association represents more than 20,000 nurses in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa, and continues to stand strong in protecting Main Street America and advocating for the values all nurses live by! MNA is also a proud affiliate of National Nurses United, which represents more than 170,000 registered nurses across the United States.

Once you get the App, tell us what you think! Any/all feedback is greatly appreciated!

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