MNA RN on Unsafe Staffing Levels: Enough is Enough!

18 Jan

This note from a frustrated MNA RN puts words to the frustration too many Nurses are feeling:

“We are getting tired of working without the safe amount of  nurses. We have enough upper  management to sink a ship and they want to add more COs. We need Bedside  Nurses – the ones that do the work, the ones who take care of the patients, the  ones who work overtime to help out the short staff.  We need a state law telling the hospitals how many patients the nurse can safely take care of. How many RNs don’t even get a break on their whole entire shift? Do the  CNOs ever miss a meal???? Sorry for the editorial, I’m just tired of all this crap.”

2 Responses to “MNA RN on Unsafe Staffing Levels: Enough is Enough!”

  1. Barb January 18, 2012 at 4:39 pm #

    Is this a surprise? Did people really believe management was going to sit down & work with the nurses & the Union to work this problem out?
    How many of you have been in on these meetings or even heard of any?
    This is why I voted NO in 2010, I knew nothing would change &, unfortunately, I was right. We are exactly where we were in 2010 and,
    maybe worse. I had a state representative ask me why we (nurses)caved &
    told me the only way we would have change would be to force it thru a
    strike. What we have is what we asked for by voting to radify.

  2. Michael Russo January 28, 2012 at 11:36 am #

    I totally agree with Barb. The hospital will do nothing to improve staffing unless they are forced to do it either by strike or a law. I have filled out so many unsafe staffing reports and I see no changes only less staff and the hospital unwilling to hire more nurses. So as always the nurses are covering for the hospitals and the hospital knows theat the nurses will not turn their backs on their patients. We have a new CNO and when she came in she was going to change staffing for the better. Well she has change staffing alright. There are less nurses to cover the shifts. I guess she is going for a bigger bonus. This is what our new CNO said to a group of ANMs that were talking with her. There is no doubt in her mind that there will be another strike by the nurses. So I hope all the nurses are saving some extra money as a strike fund. I am sure the hospitals are.

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