Call Your Senator Today to Oppose Right-to-Work

15 Mar

“Right to Work” is Wrong for Minnesota!
·       Right to Work legislation is unnecessary: it doesn’t actually create any jobs. Minnesota’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average and lower than in Right to Work states. Nurses in Minnesota earn an average of $16,000 more than those in Right to Work states.
·       Right to Work is unfair. It would force dues paying union members to pay for the representation of coworkers that don’t pay anything.
·       Right to work is unsafe: Having a strong, collective voice allows nurses to advocate for safe staffing, safe patient care, and safe working conditions.

Learn More.     Watch MNA E & GW Chair Jennifer Michelson respond to media

Right to Work passed a key Senate committee on Monday and may be up for a vote of the full Senate soon.

CALL YOUR STATE SENATOR TODAY and ask him/her to vote NO on Right to Work because it would hurt our ability to advocate for our patients!
Use the MNA App or visit   to find your Senator and contact info, or call Phone: (651) 296-0504 or (651) 296-2887 for help finding your Senator.

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