Real RNs Speak Out Against Right-to-Work: Michelle Donovan

16 Mar

I could not have a stronger opinion about this issue.

I am an RN and I just returned to MN after working for 4 years in Texas -a “right to work” state.

I have never in my ENTIRE nursing career felt so powerless to protect my patients. We all worked grueling hours, had grossly inadequate numbers of staff, and absolutely no support network.

It was made clear by non-medical management that we were to do the job and not complain. The message was clear:” You are not valued as an employee and we don’t care about the patient’s welfare. Just keep them alive until discharge. If you cannot put up and shut up then leave and we will replace you.”

I am not exaggerating. My co-workers were stressed beyond belief as we all tried to provide quality healthcare.

We, RN’s, must have a voice in the care of our patient’s. We must have a leadership that listens and responds. The patient’s are the purpose – they must be the most important people to ALL who are involved in their care.

I felt like an ISLAND more often than you could fathom. We would be working with a population that was acutely ill and if we got into trouble there were no resources to come to our assistance. That is a HORRIBLE experience!!

Right to Work is no more than another force to DEPLETE the morale of employess and COMPROMISE the quality of patient care in every aspect.

IT IS VITAL THAT YOU VOTE NO, NO, NO…!! This would be a harmful move on the part of Minnesota. The repercussions would spell disaster.

I am so PROUD to be part of this Minnesota Workforce where we are recognized for being Top Notch in Health Care in the nation. Let us never even consider stepping down to the level of a state like Texas. That would be a travesty, Let us stand as a state and honor all the Minnesotans who work so hard everyday to make this state GREAT!


Michelle Donovan RN

Abbott Northwestern Hospital

Minneapolis, MN

Learn why Right-To-Work is Wrong for Minnesota

2 Responses to “Real RNs Speak Out Against Right-to-Work: Michelle Donovan”

  1. Rita M March 16, 2012 at 1:51 pm #

    No One is saying you cannot belong to the union – you jsut have a choice to belong or not. It should not be up to an employer to “MAKE” you belong to a union. There are many good institutions where te quality of care is quite good with very high standards. It is not the union that makes you a good nurse- it is the choice you make every day when you go to your job. I belonged to the union when I first became a nurse- I am now in a job where we are not union- I like it and actually can see very good points about it- you may think the Union protects you- but the Union also protects the job of somewho do not have your high standards , who need to be let go- but they are protected. A union does not make me a good nurse- I do. I will respectfully vote for my right to choose

    • Michelle Donovan March 16, 2012 at 11:40 pm #

      I wasn’t talking about “the union”. There are unions in “Right to Work” states. That is not the point.
      I’ve worked both union and non-union nursing jobs here in Minnesota and I can tell you that the non-union hospital behaved much like the (wages, benefits, et al). This was due ,in part ,to the fact that the non-union hospital HAD to behave like a union hospital to compete for staff!
      And it has NOTHING to do with my personal standards. They have never changed. It has EVERYTHING to do with practicing my profession in a SAFE and progressive workplace!
      But, the issue here is making Minnesota a “Right to Work” state. Please don’t confuse this issue.

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