MNA RN Suzanne Weaver speaks out against National Nurse Licensure Compact

30 Mar

MNA RNs are speaking out against the proposed National Nurse Licensure Compact bill making its way through the Minnesota state legislature. If passed, this legislation would lower the standards of nursing care in Minnesota and put our patients at risk.

Please join MNA RNs like Suzanne Weaver in voicing your opposition to the bill:

Please oppose the National Nurse Licensure Compact.  I believe it would compromise patient safety.  I have worked with nurses brought in to orient here in 2010 prior to the nurses strike and luckily on several occasions caught medication errors before they were made.  These medication orders seemed very routine to us but were unfamiliar to the out of state nurses and would have caused longer stays in the hospital for these patients.  Who would you want to take care of someone in your family?  I believe hospitals would like to be able to move large numbers of nurses across state lines to decrease Minnesota Nurses’ ability to organize and collectively bargain.


Suzanne Weaver

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