MNA Daily NewsScan 4-27-12 Call NOW to Halt Natl Nurse Licensure

27 Apr


CALL TODAY.   The Minnesota House passed the National  Nurse Licensure Compact by a 75-56 vote.    Govenor Dayton is our last line of defense on this highly flawed legislation that may jeopardize patient care. Don’t delay.  651-201-3400.  Learn more.


Health Care

Minnesota Hit Hard After Medicaid Missteps   It was painful to watch Minnesota’s stellar health care reputation and its Human Services commissioner, Lucinda Jesson, get pummeled on Wednesday at a congressional hearing on Medicaid oversight.

Sen. Franken to Investigate Fairview’s Medical Debt Collector’s Tactics   Sen. Al Franken plans to investigate Accretive Health Inc., a contractor of Fairview Hospital. that allegedly broke federal health, debt collection and privacy laws during attempts to outstanding debts.



Never Forget- Workers’ Memorial Day, April 28   View the event schedule.

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