MNA Daily NewsScan, June 12, 2012: American exceptionalism? Not when it comes to HC; Sutter RNs strike update

12 Jun

Stories we’re scanning:


Health Care Costs Causing More Americans to Go Without Needed Care  Health care costs are weighing on Americans’ minds — and sapping their budgets, according to a new survey that shows that within the last year, more than half of people needing medical care didn’t get it because of the expense.

U.S. Lags In Bettering Value of Health Care   While the U.S. health system has the highest per capita cost of the 12 nations studied — spending 17.6% of its gross domestic product on healthcare — it ranked at the bottom in terms of readiness to implement a value-based care system. The fragmented nature of the healthcare system has severely limited the collection and use of national health-outcome data.


Sutter RNs Ready to Strike  Sutter Seeks Huge Cuts Despite $4.19 Billion in Profits Since 2005

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