MNA Daily NewsScan: June 29, 2012 – MNA Reacts to Supreme Court Ruling, Rock Center Checks Out Accretive

29 Jun

What is this? The MNA Daily NewsScan rounds up the day’s biggest nursing, health care and organized labor stories.  As news unfolds in real-time, we update the NewsScan with new links and info, so check back often!

Stories we’re scanning:


  • Please keep the unidentified St. John’s Hospital nurse in your thoughts today: The nurse was punched and kicked while trying to stop a man from assaulting a pregnant woman in her hospital room.
  • Report: Hospital nurses suffer from depression at twice the rate of the general population.


  • NBC’s national “Rock Center” program landed in Minnesota last night with its coverage of the ongoing scandal involving debt collectors behaving badly inside Twin Cities Hospitals.
  • MNA President Linda Hamilton and 1st Vice-President Bunny Engeldorf talked with several news outlets yesterday about how nurses are reacting to the Supreme Court’s Ruling regarding the Affordable Care Act. Here’s a sampling of some of the coverage:

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