MNA Daily NewsScan: July 6, 2012 – What Happens When the Nurse Needs Looking After?

6 Jul

What is this? The MNA Daily NewsScan rounds up the day’s biggest nursing, health care and organized labor stories.  As news unfolds in real-time, we update the NewsScan with new links and info, so check back often!

Stories we’re scanning:


  • The New York Times explores what happens when the nurse needs looking after. The story notes: “Nurses’ work is not easy, particularly in the hospital setting, where they must deal with intense intellectual and significant physical demands over three or more grueling 12-hour shifts each week. Not surprisingly, nursing ranks among the worst occupations in terms of work-related injuries, and studies have shown that in a given year, nearly half of all nurses will have struggled with lower back pain. The obvious question, then, is this: If the nurses are grappling at work with all these injuries, what is happening to patients?”


  • From FierceHealthcare: Monitoring patients within and outside healthcare encounters, whether through telehealth services, home-based programs or transitional care interventions, not only costs healthcare organizations a lot of money but also makes it difficult to keep patients engaged. Hospitals looking to improve patient care and protect their wallets, however, may find solace in “automated hovering,” according to a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine.
  • “Not-for-profit” hospitals’ CEO pay is skyrocketing despite the recession, according to a recent report out of New Hampshire.
  • From Hospital Impact: Compassion is vital for better outcomes and care delivery.

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