MNA Daily NewsScan, July 19, 2012: Bring jobs home, join the Tweet-a-thon; the July Effect;

19 Jul


Join the Tweet-A-Thon!  Unions members throughout the nation are tweeting their legislators to pass a bill that will bring jobs home.  Call 888-659-9401 now and urge your senators to vote for the Bring Jobs Home Act to get the ball rolling to stop the destructive policies of outsourcing.  Learn more.

Thank a union   Mining Wages Outpace Other Private Sector Jobs      Mining jobs have become the best jobs in the region for most workers.


Health Care Spending Slows in Minnesota   Health care spending in Minnesota rose just 2.2 percent in 2010 — the slowest annual growth rate since 1997, the Minnesota Department of Health reported Wednesday.

Poll:  Voters Want Fights Over Health Law to Stop   Fifty-one percent of likely voters told pollsters for NPR that it’s time for Congress to move on to other issues now that the Supreme Court has issued its ruling on the Affordable Care Act.


Don’t Get Sick in July   From what I’ve experienced as a clinical nurse, whether or not the July Effect is statistically validated as a cause of fatal hospital errors, it is undeniably real in terms of adequacy and quality of care delivery.

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