MNA at the Minnesota State Fair – Real Stories. Real Conversations. Real Impact.

28 Aug

MNA 1st Vice President Bunny Engeldorf, RN

I just wanted to jot a note about my recent experience at the Minnesota State Fair to let members and staff hear of the experience.

The Minnesota State Fair is indeed the “Great Minnesota Get together.”  Fairgoers from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado and even Louisiana stopped to visit with MNA Nurses, as they always do, and all communicated their thanks for what we do every day. They could not say enough about Nursing’s dedication to them and their families!

One mother wanted us to know it was the Nurses at Minneapolis Children’s Hospital who stood at her daughter’s bedside 24/7 when she received medical care for her Leukemia. Another family thanked those working in Mental Health because of the struggle with her brother with a chronic mental illness. People said, “A nurse saved my life, thank you.”

The experience was pretty powerful and reaffirming that what we do is something that is exceptional!

The next comments came from the community members stating, “We are also so glad you are progressive and working to gain staffing legislation and even the Robin Hood Tax supporting the Main Street Campaign – Health Care, Quality Education, Clean Environment, Secure Retirement and Jobs.”

And last but not least our own Nurses, those working and those retired, stopping to claim their involvement in patient care, all proud of the work they do and the communities they belong to, no wonder we are the most trusted profession! They also dedicated many thanks to the part they play as a member of MNA and the trust in their Union!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve our great communities!

In Solidarity,

Bernadine (Bunny) Engeldorf, RN

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