MNA Daily NewsScan, September 6, 2012: Overestimating care; more corporate mergers; orchestra bosses out of tune

6 Sep


Nurses, Docs Overestimate Care   The disconnect between the quality of care a panel of experts found in the records and the quality of care the nurses and doctors thought they had delivered doesn’t mean the patients were any worse off.  Instead, the researchers suggest it means the doctors and nurses may need to be more critical of their performances.


Ascension’s Big Hospital Buy Likely to Face Anti-Trust Scrutiny   Ascension Health, the nation’s largest Catholic and nonprofit health system, operates about 80 U.S. hospitals with more than 17,000 patients, and reported nearly $20 billion in assets and about $16 billion in revenue in fiscal year 2011.  Ascension Health’s planned acquisition of Marian Health is the hospital giant’s latest big move.


No Harmony in Labor Talks for Twin Cities Orchestras   Minnesota Orchestra’s principal trombonist Doug Wright, a veteran negotiator, called all this public disclosure “unprecedented,” adding that musicians are “extremely disappointed and rather confused by what happened today.”

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