MNA Members In Solidarity to Oppose Allina Uniform Policy

25 Oct

Oct. 25, 2012

MNA members “Got the Red Out” this morning at an Arbitration meeting to show MNA solidarity against the uniform policy Allina is attempting to force on nurses. Allina implemented the uniform policy without bargaining with the union.  This unilateral implementation is a glaring disregard for the obligation and respect to bargaining over mandatory subjects impacting nurses working conditions. Members stood together to greet the employer and the arbitrator to show them the power, support for one another and unity. Nurses from Allina system throughout the state as well as other MNA nurses came today.  Message to Allina:  You take on one MNA member; you take on ALL MNA members.
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“Despite nurses requesting to bargain, they refused.  Our contract requires the empoyer to bargain over working conditions – past practice and policy was scrubs for nurses.  What you wear to work is a working condition.  The employer unliaterally decided we had to wear a uniform color and refused to bargain over it.  The employer gave us $75 or less (based on FTE – I work FIVE 12 hr shifts every pay perid and I got $50) each to replace the scrubs we already owned.  Most of us could not even buy scrubs for 2 shifts in a row – much less enough to get us through a “week” without doing laundry.  When I work three 12 hour shifts I do not want to do laundry in between.  When they changed housekeeping scurbs, they got multiple complete sets of scrubs.  We would have been willing to DISCUSS but they were not.  It is about respecting our contract conditions.”

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4 Responses to “MNA Members In Solidarity to Oppose Allina Uniform Policy”

  1. Jan Smith October 28, 2012 at 9:01 am #

    What a petty thing to make an issue of. We make enough money to afford to buy our own uniforms. Most people who have to wear uniforms for their jobs don’t get anything for them. Stop agitating over the small things, save it for the things that really matter. Patients and staff alike can tell who is who now. That’s what matters.

  2. Kris Lindahl Stenzel October 30, 2012 at 4:39 pm #

    Where was MNA when our uniforms were changed? We were not given a penny to change our uniforms to one solid color for nursing! You may not like it initially. I didn’t like it initially either, but now that it is implemented in our facility, I know you are nurse by the color of your scrubs. I know you are a PCA by the color or your scurbs. All of our departments were changed to one solid color. I am out about 100 uniforms, but now that it’s changed, it’s not so bad! Choose your battles, I think there are bigger things to figh for!!!

  3. Michelle Donovan RN October 31, 2012 at 1:30 am #

    May seem trite, but the issue is a part of the big story. It’s the “details” that topple the foundation- it’s called erosion. It’s the infrastructure. The problem is, folks accept the “small” erosions – then the bridge collapses and we throw our hands up and exclaim “how could that happen?!” How? Simple. We allowed it by being passive while all the sand pebbles trickled into the water.


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    […] Nurses Show Solidarity in Opposition to Allina Proposed Uniform Policy    MNA members ”Got the Red Out” this morning at an Arbitration meeting to show MNA solidarity against the uniform policy Allina is attempting to force on nurses. […]

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