MNA Daily NewsScan, November 14, 2012: Too much Tylenol?; $10M tax break to hospitals

14 Nov


MNA members are gathering at the headquarters office for a 3-day leadership skills tune up.   Read what Joe Howard said about his recent experience at an earlier training.

U.S. Rate of Premature Births Still at a “C;” Ranked with Somalia, Thailand and Turkey     The United States is slowly reducing its rate of premature births, bringing the rate to 11.7 percent in 2011, but the figure is still higher than public health advocates believe it should be.

Many Hospital Patients Receive Too Much Acetaminophen    Acetaminophen – sold as Tylenol – is a common painkiller on its own, but also an ingredient in stronger narcotics such as Percocet and Vicodin. So without careful monitoring, it’s not always obvious how much a patient has taken.


ER Patients Get Help; Millions of Dollars Saved   81 percent of the patients screened were  eligible for coverage but had not been enrolled. Sharp employees assisted in  wading through the in wading through the paperwork to get them coverage.

Illinois For-Profit Hospitals Get $10M Tax Break    A little-noticed tax break for investor-owned hospitals that was tucked into a deal last spring aimed at saving the Illinois Medicaid program from collapse will cost the cash-strapped state at least $10 million a year in lost revenue.


Trumka:  We Won’t be Taken for Granted   the AFL-CIO announced earlier this year that it was rebooting its approach to politics. Trumka says Tuesday’s results vindicate the first step: investing more cash in an independent infrastructure focused on door-to-door political organizing for pro-labor politicians, rather than in Democratic Party campaigns and committees.

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