MNA NewsScan, February 11, 2013: Hope for health in New Ulm; Strike authorized for TC janitors/guards

11 Feb


New Ulm Wellness Project Shows Healthy Results    New figures from the project show that the share of New Ulm residents with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high triglycerides has gone down — modestly but measurably. Rates of obesity have also stabilized, alongside a small weight decrease across the population.

No One Fix to Slow Hospital Readmission Epidemic    Nearly 1 in 5 Medicare patients is hospitalized again within a month of going home, and many of those return trips could have been avoided. But readmissions can happen at any age, not just with the over-65 crowd who are counted most closely.


Twin Cities Security Guards, Janitors Authorize Strike    They clean and guard buildings that house some of the Twin Cities’ largest corporations, which means the unprecedented decision Saturday by a union of 6,000 janitors and security officers to allow negotiators to call a strike as soon as this week could have widespread repercussions.


Tavenner, RN, Renominated to Lead Medicare, Medicaid   President Obama has renominated onetime staff nurse Marilyn Tavenner, RN, BSN, MHA, to lead the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Bill Could Create a “National Nurse for Public Health” Position    The bill would have the national nurse work alongside the surgeon general and  “focus on health promotion, improving healthcare literacy, and reducing health  disparities.”

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