MNA NewsScan, February 27, 2013: It’s RNing Men; Progress for state health improvement program

27 Feb


Number of Male Nurses Triples Since 1970 A new study from the United States Census Bureau reports the number of male nurses has more than tripled since the 1970s. Back then, about 2.7 percent of registered nurses were men. The new study, which tracked data through 2011, finds that men now make up 9.6 percent of all employed nurses in the United States – about 330,000 men in total.

Intubation in ICU Linked to PTSD   Mechanical  ventilation may prompt severe hallucinatory or delirious symptoms for patients  in the ICU, who even as long as two years later might experience symptoms  associated with post-traumatic stress disorder.


Progress for Minnesota Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP)    Governor proposes to expand on success by enhancing funds.  To combat rising health care costs, Minnesota is at the center of a community-wellness movement, including SHIP, “Blue Zones” in Albert Lea, the Heart of New Ulm, and several others. At its core, the concept involves supporting individuals’ healthy choices by making those choices easier.


2000 Security Officers Stage 1-Day Strike in Twin Cities   Those off the job Wednesday are doing so “to protect and strengthen the middle class through a fair contract for thousands of workers,” SEIU Local 26 said in a predawn statement on behalf of the 2,000 striking security officers.



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