Next Standard of Care Act Committee Hearing Scheduled

12 Mar

The Standards of Care Act has received its next hearing date.  MPR listeners may have heard recently that the bill to set a minimum standard of care for patients across Minnesota would not get an important hearing in the House health policy committee, but pressure on legislators has resulted in nurses, patients, and policy experts getting an opportunity to be heard.  Please support the Standards of Care Act by attending the hearing or sending a message to your state legislator that patients deserve a minimum standard of care, regardless of where they’ve chosen to receive care.

Contact your Legislator here:

Join the Wednesday lobbying sessions at the Capitol and meet your legislators.

Links to the committee and the bill are below.

Friday, March 15, 2013 9:00 AM

*** Note: *** Change in meeting room
Room: 10 State Office Building
Chair: Rep. Tina Liebling

Meeting Time Note: If the committee needs to meet past noon, the committee will recess and reconvene in Room 5 of the State Office Building.
*** Note: *** Change in meeting time
Health and Human Services Policy

HF588  (Atkins) Hospitals required to provided staffing at levels consistent with nationally accepted standards, and staff level reporting required.

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