MNA NewsScan, June 5, 2013: RN college degree equals lowest unemployment rate

5 Jun


Night Shift Workers More Likely to Develop Type 2 Diabetes  “It is surprising that just a single night shift can significantly impair glucose tolerance and increase insulin levels,” said Christopher Morris.

National Health System May Bring In Police Officers to Deal with Acute Nursing Shortage   A local forum has discussed the possibility of drafting in assistance from Police Scotland and the Red Cross.  Two months ago it was announced that 30 nursing posts had to be filled as soon as possible at the hospital.

New Law Raises Fines for Assaulting Nurses   Much like law enforcement, health care can be a very dangerous job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports more than 2,000 nurses nationwide were assaulted, and eight were killed while on the job between 2003 and 2009.



Not All College Degrees are Created Equal    For instance, the unemployment rate for recent college graduates in nursing was the lowest at 4.8 percent, while recent graduates in information systems, concentrated in clerical functions, were the hardest hit with an unemployment rate of 14.7 percent.

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